The Skill Training Alliance For the Future European Rail system STAFFER is a four-year, European Commission-funded Blueprint project focused on the topic of skills in the rail sector. A large share of the workforce is expected to retire in the next 10 years and the sector is currently experiencing both a severe skill shortage and a need for re/upskilling. STAFFER will deliver human capital solutions for all levels of the rail value chain, gaining the holistic view of the sector as a system of systems, unifying the European rail world. Read More A cross-sectoral alliance of partners from the rail sector Under the Blueprint, stakeholders work together in sector-specific partnerships, called alliances for sectoral cooperation for skills, which develop and implement strategies to address skills gaps in these sectors. For STAFFER, 32 European partners from rail operators, infrastructure managers, suppliers, sector representatives, universities and training providers are involved and leading the various workstreams. Read More Striving towards a rail stakeholder partnership The ultimate result of STAFFER will be the establishment of a rail stakeholder partnership, the Sector Skill Alliance, to finally develop a holistic Blueprint strategy to recognise present and new skill needs suitably and timely, and substantially contribute to achieving the Single European Rail Area. Such a strategy will allow to overcome the fragmentation of the rail sector, and help rail industry and VET institutions to design and realise concrete actions to satisfy skill needs. Read More Scroll down arrow_downward

Project Objectives

Identifying skills needs

STAFFER will help operators, infrastructure managers and suppliers anticipate their competence needs of tomorrow

Adapting curricula

This Blueprint for Skills will design new training curricula to complement existing training programmes and adapt existing ones to meet future challenges

Facilitating transnational mobility

Our consortium’s work will allow the development of a framework facilitating transnational mobility for students, apprentices, trainees, or other staff groups in the rail industry

Developing a long-term strategy

This initiative will help the whole rail sector come together around a long-term action plan for skills

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